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5 Years: How Have Things Changed for DK New Media?

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We’ve watched as other agencies have exploded in growth, retracted, and had a lot of turnover with clients and employees. For the most part, we’ve maintained the relationships we’ve had and continue to be a source of trust and authority for our clients. I believe our focus on their business success has been the leading factor in our success.

5 years ago, our focus was almost purely on Search and Marketing Technology Consulting. Over the last 5 years, we’ve been involved with over $500 million in capital investments, providing advice to investors and leading companies on their platforms, their competition, and the future landscape of their industries. Our travels took us all over Europe and the United States. Our SEO consulting solidified us as a leader in the industry when we anticipated the upcoming storm that Google algorithm changes were bringing, warning many of our clients that the industry was heading for trouble.

Our clients have been mostly marketing and technology-related companies who have investment funding to spend, or have large budgets that simply aren’t working. We’ve been their CMO for Hire, a term penned by one of our first clients, Lifeline Data Centers. We establish a budget with our clients and are held accountable to that budget.

We noticed early on that in order to capitalize on our advice, we had to help clients ramp up and adjust quicker – so we now employ a team, combined with external partners, to help with that. We have an analyst, designer, developer, social consultant, content strategies, and myself to help our clients move quicker. In that 5 years, speed has meant progress. If clients can move quickly, they can grab market share. If they move slowly, they will lose it.

With search optimization a foundation, other strategies have exploded in growth over the last 5 years including mobile and video. Social media and email marketing have been continued sources of building authority, engagement, and driving traffic and conversions with clients. There’s not one strategy so we’ve become largely vendor agnostic (irritating a few along the way when they didn’t listen to us). Every client has different budgets, different talent, different resources, and most of all – different processes internally. While we approach each engagement the same, every strategy we build is tailored to win our client business.

Thanks so much to our employees, our partners, and most of all – our clients – for being with us for this journey. We look forward to the next 5 years!


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