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Kicking off 8 Months of Analytics Training

This is an exciting week for DK New Media as we’re kicking off an 8 month curriculum of Analytics training for Masco, an international company that owns several leaders in the housing product market (including Delta Faucet).

To assist on properly managing and deploying the training, we partnered with our training partners, Marlinspike. Andrew has led corporate training strategies all over the world for the largest names, including Microsoft. We didn’t want to leave this opportunity to chance, so we’ve developed the material together and are delivering it via Webex internationally to a slew of Masco companies who are looking to fully leverage analytics.

This is a fantastic curriculum that we’ve put together. Since Masco is vendor-agnostic, our training includes specific examples from large analytics companies like Google, Omniture, and Webtrends. But we also walk through social monitoring, reputation and analytics and provide training on tools such as Facebook Insights, Hootsuite and more.

The focus of the training is on getting business results and helping their corporate marketing departments understand how to best leverage analytics to improve the business.


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